How was it done?

Forms (Oh God! Why did have to be forms?)

Forms are easy to code once you understand the syntax. I'm a big fan of web applications for businesses. So learning how to use forms was one of the reasons I took this class. Forms have a logical structure and are simple to layout. Most importantly they are the logical front end for entering or accessing data from SQL.

But the real nightmare is that not one single browser looks at a form the same way. This was my first attempt at trying to normalize my code in a way that the page would look the same in every browser (at the time I didn't understand that you could put browser specific code in your CSS). One browser sees the top of the form one way and so on and so on... Margins and Padding are the worst offenders. I spent hours on this and never did get it what I wanted.

I eventually learned my first CSS "Hack", * {margin:0; padding:0}. While this didn't fix all the problems it was a start. And then I found ...tables!


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