How was it done?

Flashy Formatting

The banner was created with Adobe Flash CS4 Pro and is just a variation on the one used in the original site.

This site was done using In the original project site, if I had to change one of the menu links I had to edit that link on each page. uses Master Pages. With a Master Page you have a single page that acts as a template for the rest of the site. In this site the Banner and menu are in the Master Page. Only the content of the page is in a separate sheet.

While using Master Pages makes many things easier, it also makes some things more difficult. Since the body style of all the pages is controlled by code in the master, if you want to make a change to a specific pages body style you have to do it programmatically.

BlindLuck Productions

About Us

BlindLuck Productions is a group of people dedicated to creativity, ingenuity and fun. Our primary focus is on web based technologies, portals, intranets and information.

Companies run on information. Information is knowledge and knowledge is power. The power to create, the power to grow. But how do you get it and how do you get it to those that need it? How do your clients find you and how do you get to them?

The Internet - The most important invention since the printing press.

That's not hyperbole either. Think about why it was invented... to disseminate information. 23% of the world has access to it, that's a growth of 342% in six years (1). Three out of four Americans have access to it (2). Seventy Five Percent of Americans, that's almost more than have TV's...

Welcome to the future!

We at BlindLuck Productions believe if you want to express yourself, if you want to show people who you are and what you are doing, here is the place to do it. Whether it's company information or just a wall to write on, we can help you create it.

On the following pages you will find innovative ways to get your information out and your point across.

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